Why Eat Avalon?

Why eat Avalon? Because it is a bloody amazing little village. Jam packed full of quirky places to eat in a relaxing beach side atmosphere. If you want to see the real northern beaches of Sydney then this is heartland.

This blog started as a challenge to eat at every restaurant in Avalon, but no sooner than I think I am done when a new place opens up.

I hope it provides you with some useful information about the range of places to eat in Avalon and helps you choose one.

Avalon Beach is a beach village located about 35km north of the bridge. It has one of the best range of good food places in Sydney.
From high end restaurants, funky bars, casual dining and an oversupply of excellent coffee shops.

It gets busier in summer when the influx of holiday makers arrive, but even in the dead of winter there are lots of locals eating out. Avalon is the hub for all the places 'North of the bends'. As an old promotion campaign used to say: 'Don't go round the bends - eat in Avalon.'