Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Avalon Brasserie

Well Avalon has a new first class restaurant, serving stylish Italian fare in a casual environment.

Located at the Paris end of Avalon, this part of town has been revitalised by the important relocation of the newsagent a few doors up. Entry is through a large sliding glass door into the deep space of a modern office-like room. Sheer curtained windows on the left and the bar and kitchen on the right, we are greeted by a friendly head waiter who is busier than a one-armed taxidriver with the crabs. This Saturday night is fully booked for two sittings so make sure you call ahead to make a reservation. We arrive a fashionable few minutes late for our 8pm sitting and have to wait about 15 minutes while an earlier couple pay and linger. The bar has an excellent selection of mock and cocktails while the blender makes a hell of a noise if you are perched next to it. The French Martini was a cool way to start the night.

The restaurant seats about 30-40 and there are a number of single tables near the window, spaced just so you do not have to put up with your neighbours conversation. The noise level, while not whisper quiet is very acceptable and adds to the lively atmosphere of the room. The music is tweaked up at the end of the night as the room empties.

The service is superb. These guys are professional and friendly. This was only their third night and I was apprehensive in case they had not got their act together -but they have. The little touches make for good service:your water glass is refilled, the table is swept between entree and main.

Best of all the food is divine.

ENTREE: Char grilled king prawns, with roasted cherry tomatoes, choizo and roasted almonds was a perfect starter. This came very quickly and it was all very fresh. Perfectly done, hot and whet my appetite for more.

MAIN: Braciolette Napoletana -rolled veal filled with pine nuts, parsley, raisins and parmesan. Finished with tomato concasse. Complex and sweet tasting with the raisins and pine nuts. The thin slivers of veal beautifully done.

SIDE: Rocket salad with pear and roasted walnuts, with balsamic reduction.

MAIN: Stezzatino di agniello - slow cooked lamb with baby peas finished off with parmesan eggs. The sauce was one Manu Fiedel would kill for. Generous chunky lamb portions that melted in the mouth.

DESSERT: Canolli with sour cherries. A signature italian dessert. Crispy crust encasing a creamy not-too-sweet centre. Perfecto.

DESSERT: Semifreddo. Loved this classic with toffee, nougat and almonds inside a creamy ice-cream like dessert.

The wine list is extensive and the by the glass selections a good choice. Overall impressed by the reasonable price.

Cost for two (including wine, cocktail, beer, entree, main and dessert was $137.

Rating: Ferrari (a real prancing Italian stallion with a throaty exhaust note!)

Trading Hours : Closed Monday

Tuesday - Sunday

Head Chef : Mario Percuoco

Lunch: 12:00 - 3:00

Dinner: 6:00 - 10:00pm (Sunday 6:00 - 9:00pm)

Light Tapas 3:00 - 6:00

Bookings: 9918 4007

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