The List

In downtown Avalon Beach, this is the list of places serving food from when I first started in October 2011.

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1. Chelsea Tea House
2. Wasabi
3. Bookochino
4. Sky Thai
5. The Healthy Chef-changed names in May 2012 to 'Nourished'
6. Ninja Japanese Restaurant
7. Ashiana - Closed June 2012
8. Batch - Closed 13 April 2012
9. Sea 4th Sushi
10.Different Drummer
11.Han Court Chinese Restaurant
12.Chill Bar - Moved Oct 2012 to where Luscious Cafe was.
14.Avalon Chinese Restaurant
15.Loaf - Closed May 2012
16.Lucky's Gourmet Pizza
17.Cooks Larder - Closed June 2013
18.Panders and Pepperpots Art Cafe- Closed Feb 2013
19.Luscious Cafe - Closed Sept 2012
20.Burgers on Parade
21.Pipino's Deli
22.Franks Bar -Closed May 2015
23.Le Boulevarde - Name change and new owners March 2012
24.Avalon Charcoal ChickenClosed Sep 2017
25.Avalon Seafoods
27.La Banette
28.Avalon RSL Bangalleys Restaurant
29.Amber Waves Bakery
30.Ibiza - Closed Jan 2016
31.Bakers Delight
32.Subway - Closed May 2014
33.Bistro Boulevard
34.California Grille - Closed April 2013
35.Ichiri Japanese
36.Avalon BrasserieClosed April 2015
38.The Sneaky Grind
39.Rendevous Closed 25 March 2014
40.The Mill
41. Cranzgots Pizza
42. Smalltown Closed Sep 2018
43. Made in Turin
44. Next Door Bar
45. The 2107Closed Sep 2017
46. Toast
47.The Avalon on the Beach
48.Parrilla Closed 30 Nov 2016
49.Pineapple Crush
50.Pizzico Italian
51.Sabiang Thai
53. Bangkok sidewalk
54.  Clareville Kiosk

To Do
Herfort's (Ice Cream Bar)
LA Bar (never made it) Closed Mid march 2014

Bumbalino Cafe (Bilgola Beach)
The Boatshed Cafe (Palm Beach)
Bronze Cafe (Mona Vale Beach)
Armchair Collective (Mona Vale Beach)
Zubi (Newport)
Bilgola Cafe and Deli
Cranky Fins (Palm Beach)
Waterfront Cafe (Church Point)
Pizzeria e Cucina (Newport)
Saigon City (Newport)