Friday, February 10, 2012

Le Boulevarde

Avalon's premier French restaurant.
It has been in Avalon for yonks - first opened in 1973, and is run by Caroline and Alain Pointeaux, a husband and wife team who know what good food and service means. The decor hasn't changed in a while but it is quiet and comfortable and makes you feel like home. Everything runs like clockwork from the immediate friendly greeting to the fond farewell.
The food is delicious: Pate and snails for starter then Coq au vin, duck confit, steak frite. They also have a good selection of wines and desserts.
Cost for 5: $200
Rating: Ferrari

PS The restaurant is closing in March 2012 but is reopening as Bistro Boulevard. The site will remain in the family to be run as a bistro by the Pointeaux’s daughter and son-in-law and will reopen in April 2012.

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